Ahmadiyya Park


140 Murray Farm Ln


Monday 3 -11pm Tuesday 2 - 9pm, Wednesday Finals Evening)

Game Updates

rules and regulations

Rules and Regulations - Volleyball


  • Games will be played with rotation

  • If there is the case that a team does not have enough players, a team may play with a
    minimum of 5 players. In this case, there will be only 2 designated backcourt positions.
  • A team may carry out a substitution at any time

Match Format

Gameplay Specific

  • The play is whistled down and point awarded to the other team if:

    ‣ Any part of the net is touched during play

    ‣ A player crosses his entire foot over the centre line

    ‣ A player crosses his entire foot over the back line while serving the ball

    ‣ A backcourt player plays the ball over the net with both feet leaving the floor if they are
    ahead of the attack line — backcourt violation


  • The substitution zone is defined as the area on the side on the players bench between the
    attack line and the net
  • A Libero cannot serve the ball

  • A Libero must wear a different colour and contrasting shirt than the rest of the players on
    the court.

Match Officials

Game Conduct

  • Please see Volleyball Canada 2022 Rulebook (page 42) for sanction rules and detailed

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