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Game Updates

rules and regulations

General Rules:


This rule covers what a player can and can’t wear during a game.
There are 5 pieces of equipment that every soccer player is required to wear during a game. They are:

A player must also not use equipment or wear anything that is dangerous.

   • This includes all items of jewelry, that are forbidden and must be removed before the game starts.

   • It is also a requirement that the two teams must wear colors that distinguish them from each other and the match officials.

   • Each goalkeeper must also wear colors that are distinguishable from the other players and the match officials.


The referee has authority to enforce the laws of the game:

Duration of the Game:

The duration of a game is 30 minutes.


Every game will begin with a kick-off from the center of the field. Kick-off from the center of the soccer field starts:

When the teams come back onto the field for the second half of the game, the teams change ends and attack the opposite goals
At kick-off:

Ball In and Out of Play:

Knowing when the ball is in play and when it is out of play is very vital.
The ball is out of play when:

Play will be restarted with either a throw-in, a corner, or a goal-kick.

The ball is in play at all other times including:

Outcome of the game:

This is the essentials of what you need to know about determining the outcome of the game:


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